Drawn on Article 2 in the Treaty of the European Union, the Political Festival of Europe values charter guides the Secretariat’s day-to-day work and interaction with each other, volunteers, sponsors and partners. The charter is a statement of the values that underpin the association’s vision and mission. 

In addition to the Secretariat, affiliated people – including democracy ambassadors, volunteers, speakers on the speaker’s corner and advisory board members for instance – are expected to adhere to and respect the association’s values. 

Political Festival of Europe’s Value Charter has been created in line with the Danish workplace law (“Arbejdsmiljøloven”) as well as other Danish laws. In light of this, two confidential mediators have been appointed within the Association: Jane Grøn, Vice Chair of the Board, and Jens Lykke, Volunteer Coordinator. 

The function of the mediators is to mediate a problem, should problems arise between two parties, and investigate breaches of the Values Charter, should breaches be reported to them. Affected employees, volunteers and others as well as witnesses have a duty to report any breaches they witness, to the mediators. Please note that any information reported to the mediators is strictly confidential and will only be processed in line with European GDPR regulations. 




We recognise the cornerstones of democracy, including freedom of assembly, association and speech, equality, citizen participation and respect. With democracy being at the centre of our work, we practice democratic values within the workplace as well as at the physical annual event. 

We demonstrate democracy by: 

  • Respecting all political opinions across the political spectrum 
  • Not discriminating against the participation of any person and entity solely on the base of their political stance 
  • Valuing the opinion and participation of each and every citizen, regardless of their age, political opinion, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity or role 
  • Preventing, as far as our capacities allow, any incitement to hatred, violence or discrimination 


Inclusion, Equity & Respect 

We recognise, value and respect the diversity of our staff, volunteers, stakeholders and affiliated people. We treat everyone fairly and with dignity and impartiality. We also identify and address people’s needs to the extent of our capacity. 

We demonstrate inclusion, equity and respect by: 

  • Treating people fairly, regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, age, disability or role 
  • Ensuring equal accessibility to information and possibilities to all and being flexible to address differences in needs and requirements 
  • Promoting inclusive decision-making and work processes as to give everyone the opportunity to voice their unique concerns and ideas 
  • Respecting the opinions, contributions and customs of all 
  • Recognising the need for a healthy work-life balance and work environment 


Honesty & Accountability 

We take responsibility for our actions and work. We use resources appropriately and practice transparency in our work, practices and decisions. 

We demonstrate honesty and accountability by: 

  • Protecting the confidentiality of certain information within the workplace 
  • Being accountable of our words, actions, decisions and outputs 
  • Providing true, accurate and comprehensive information inside and outside the association 
  • Keeping our professional commitments 
  • Communicating honestly and openly 
  • Acknowledging our mistakes 
  • Providing genuine and constructive feedback 


Excellence & Professionalism 

We demonstrate a commitment to provide high quality day-to-day work and outputs to the extent of our capacity. We also demonstrate a willingness to learn from mistakes and to embrace change. 

We demonstrate excellence and professionalism by: 

  • Striving to perform to our best abilities and to meet standards of excellence 
  • Regularly review the quality of our work and implement creativity and innovation 
  • Showing ongoing interest and commitment to improve, learn and develop and to support others to do the same 



In line with all of the above, we recognise the need for holistic sustainability within the workspace and under the physical event. Holistic sustainability is to be understood as an approach that takes economic, social, and environmental factors into account. 

We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by: 

  • Minimizing waste, purchases and unsustainable practices to a minimum 
  • Prioritizing green, innovative, forward-thinking and out-of-the-box solutions and purchases when possible 
  • Fostering a stable, productive and open work environment to the benefit of the staff, volunteers, affiliates and locals but also to the benefit of the growth and success of the association and physical event 


Political Festival of Europe does not tolerate hate speech, discrimination or violence. Anyone demonstrating behaviour against the association’s values will be subject to an internal investigation and may face the risk of being disassociated from the association and the physical annual event.