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Værftet Productions becomes streaming partner at Political Festival of Europe

Political Festival of Europe (PFoE) had a wish to offer professional livestreaming and video from the Festival, and contacted us to be partners for the job – we accepted with great pleasure.

Værftet Productions is a small production company, situated in Køge, Sealand, 40 km south of Copenhagen. The company has its base on the old boatyard, which today is a mediahouse hosting multiple mediacompanies like us!

While our normal business covers livestreaming of General Assemblys, sports’ events and Church Services, we are able to livestream a lot of different events, and look forward to cover PFoE with all our skills.

Today video (live on tape) has become a must in covering news and events for all companies, but actuality and live broadcast has become more and more important too – the audience wants to see what happens now, and they want it in a high and professional quality! And this on the platform that they use already, like YouTube!

Therefore Værftet Productions has specialized in sending live on YouTube, which works like normal YouTube videoes – the feed just comes directly from our cameras, mixed through our software, handled by our producer Dino and planned by Lars – the core group of Værftet:

We look forward to service PFoE, and to capture all the good and memorable moments on video.

See you soon in beautiful Mariager.

– Lars Hendriksen and Dino Svenningsen

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