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United we can truly make Denmark our home

Every newcomer’s story about their first years in Denmark is different. Yet, if you look closely you will notice certain similarities. After the honeymoon period, each of us (the internationals) goes through a forge of experiences and emotions that radically change the very core of our personality. Discrimination, uncertainty about the future, fewer opportunities, a tough local language to master and the identity crisis expose you to the plagues of mental health (anxiety and depression). In some cases, ill-minded people take advantage and attempt to exploit you as they consider you a lesser being. With a few exceptions, each of us had to go through this painful process alone. Absolutely alone. Think how mind-breaking that can be. 

Instead of recognizing the struggle we go through, the political class in Denmark, is in a race to make our life even harder. I’m wondering if they secretly believe we are some sort of super humans that will awaken powers once we reach our limits. Somehow, despite the fact that we are almost 600,000 strong in Denmark and that we can vote for the local, regional and European elections, we don’t seem to carry influence with the decision-makers equal to our size. Why? We are dispersed in hundreds of tiny communities that don’t communicate with each other. 

Yes, we speak different languages. Yes, we have different cultures. Yes, we experience life differently here in Denmark. However, we all are internationals. We all experience the same personality-altering painful process. United, we can bridge the languages and cultures, and become the shield that will protect us and our children from the dangers brought by the hate preachers. 

That’s why I created Last Week in Denmark in the early days of 2021, to build a virtual home that will contribute towards the unity of the international community in Denmark. Without any funding, we managed to operate for more than a year and a half now, thanks to the volunteers that believe in the mission of this project. 

Hailing from Aalborg, we built a strong following in every major city of Denmark. Today, 20,000 people read our newsletter across the three language editions (English, Romanian, Polish). Still far away from our aim to become the nr.1 source of information for every international in Denmark. 

So far, I have invested hundreds of hours in this project and I will continue to do so, because I want “Last Week in Denmark” to bring a positive change for the daily life of the internationals in Denmark. In my first years in Denmark, I relied on a radio show to not feel alone, to feel connected to something. I want this publication to have the same effect on people’s hearts and minds. 

This initiative is just one of the many that can contribute towards the unity of the international community in Denmark. United, we can have a say in Denmark. United, we can ensure that Denmark is our home and will stay that way for many generations to come. 

Are you curious to hear more about our media initiative? Join the Political Festival of Europe and meet us live there. 

See you soon in Mariager, 

Narcis George Matache

Executive editor Last Week in Denmark

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