Terms & Conditions

  1. Nos. 490-10847


Terms between Political Festival of Europe and tenant: 


”Rental conditions 


  • 1. Rental certificate

The rental certificate confirms the lease agreement agreed between the tenant and the landlord of the room / home. POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE is only responsible for arranging/facilitate the rental between these. 


POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE is the party that makes the room / accommodation available for the tenant on behalf of a landlord and at the landlord’s expense and risk. 


  • 2. Participants / application

The room / accommodation may not be inhabited or used by more persons than the number of persons stated on the website and on the rental certificate, which includes children. Pets may only be brought if stated in the rental certificate. 


If the room / accommodation is used in violation of the landlord and POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE guidelines, applicable law or public order in general, POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE or landlord has the right to access the room / accommodation, and if (?) the tenant does not immediately bring the conditions in order, the tenant can be expelled without notice and the agreement terminated without the tenant being entitled to a refund of rent. 


  • 3. Cleaning / responsibility

The tenant is contractually obliged to clean the rented property and must leave this in a tidy and clean condition at the end of the lease. If cleaning is included in the rental price, the rented property must be left in a tidy condition. Possibly failure to clean on departure (intermediary estimates) will be performed at the tenant’s expense. Final cleaning can be ordered from POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE’s contact person. 


The tenant is responsible for everything that is present in the room / home during the rented period. Should damage occur, the tenant is obliged to notify POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE immediately. Unannounced damage before departure will be repaired at the tenant’s expense. No insurance has been taken out by POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE which covers the tenant’s person or property during the rental period. 


  • 4. Terms of payment

The order is binding immediately, after which POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE sends confirmation and rental certificate to the tenant. At the same time, 100% of the rent is due for payment. If the full rental amount is not paid on time, POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE may cancel the rental agreement without notice and the tenant will continue to be liable for payment of the rent. 


The rental certificate is sent to the e-mail address the tenant provides in the booking process on the website. 

All prices are incl. electricity, heat and water, provided that their consumption is normal. 


  • 5. Complaints

Should -contrary to expectations – there be complaints in connection with the rented property, this must be notified in writing to POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE no later than 2 hours after moving in. Otherwise, the tenant is liable for any errors and defects, cf. §3. 


  • 6. Cancellation / Changes

In the event of cancellation of a rental agreement or in the event of the tenant’s absence, regardless of the reason, the rental amount will not be refunded. The lease agreement entered is not covered by the rules on the right of withdrawal. 


  • 7. Force majeure and unusual events

If POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE and / or the landlord are prevented from fulfilling the lease, POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE may cancel the lease without notice, due to force majeure and / or exceptional circumstances, including but not limited to strikes, epidemics, pandemics, war, natural and pollution disasters, floods, etc. other unusual weather conditions, border closures or other restrictions that make it impossible to carry out the lease, regardless of whether this could be foreseen at the conclusion of the lease. Neither POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE nor the landlord can be held responsible for this. In the cases mentioned, POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE is entitled to keep the rental amount already paid by the tenant to cover all costs incurred, including the sales and booking costs associated with the conclusion and termination of the lease. 


  • 8. Communication and marketing

Tenant’s contact information is confidential and will not be passed on to others. POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE may use your contact information to market relevant offers and services via e-mail and text message. 


Tenant has at any time the option to opt out of receiving information from POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE. This can be done via email to booking@pfoe.org. 


  • 9. Printing error

POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE reserves the right to image and printing errors. 


  • 10. Venue

Venue is the jurisdiction in which the room / accommodation is located, and Danish law has agreed law between the parties. 


  • 11. Force majeure

If the room / accommodation has been irreparably damaged or damaged by force majeure (war, strike, epidemics, natural and pollution catastrophes, etc.), this must be notified immediately to POLITICAL FESTIVAL OF EUROPE. In the event of force majeure, the parties are free from this agreement and may not, in connection with the resulting force majeure, make claims (including for fulfillment or compensation) against the other party. 


  • 12. Choice of law and venue

The dissemination agreement is subject to Danish law. The court in Aalborg, Denmark is the venue for all disputes in connection with this agreement.