Article by STRING megaregion

STRING - The green megaregion in Northern Europe

STRING is a political member organisation for local and regional authorities in Northern Europe. Cities and regions in STRING work to connect and align politically, industrially and geographically to accelerate the green transition and unlock new potential for green growth.

The STRING megaregion is a global hotspot for developing, producing and patenting green technologies. The strong political dedication to the green transition and a rapidly growing internal market for green industrial solutions further strengthen Northern Europe’s position as an attractive placement for green investments.

But there is one big challenge; the innovative green growth centres in Northern Europe are not connected to the extent that provides the merits of scale, which is key to reach our potential as a globally acknowledged green hub. The individual growth centers remains too small to act independently on the global scene and we are competing against one another, instead of working together.

To obtain the merits of scale and establish critical mass STRING members work to increase connectivity across borders, scale up green businesses and brand the STRING megaregion internationally as what we really are: A green hub. The STRING megaregion cooperation is a gateway to global markets and investments that will accelerate the green transition and create a clean green economy for the future.

The STRING secretariat will attend the fiorst edition of The Political Festival of Europe, with two debates. One debate regarding the regionalisation of Europe, and one debate centred on the perspectives of cross-border cooperation in a clean green economy for the future. 

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