Political Festival of Europe (PFoE) is shaped by our many partners who facilitate debates, talks, workshops etc. either in their own activity tents spread across the Festival or on large thematic stages. We expect more than 10.000 citizens from across Europe to join us at the Festival. In addition to the thematic stages, Political Festival of Europe is setting up a Speakers’ Corner.

The Speakers’ Corner is a platform for smaller organisations that would like to participate in the Political Festival of Europe, but do not have the financial capacity to do so. You have the possibility to apply for 30 min timeslots at a price of 5 000 DKK / 670 €. 

It is possible to apply for timeslots funded by PFoE, if there is no financial flexibility within your organisation. A total of 20 timeslots are available for funding by PFoE and no guarantees are given upon application.

Note! We encourage the content on all stages to engage the audience actively

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