The content and events found at the Political Festival of Europe are shaped by our many organising partners. On the program, you will find not only debates with prominent speakers on our main stages, but also plenty of talks, workshops and hearing in tents spread across the streets of Mariager as well as European music.

All content and events will be spread across:

  • our main stage
  • three thematic stages 
  • seven thematic areas 

On the stages, we will have key note speeches, debates, potlock debates, panels, round-tables and other activities. These are organised by partner organisers who buy timeslots of 45 minutes or more. In between and after these activities, there will be concerts on these same stages.

The seven themes will then shape the streets and cozy squares in the town centre of Mariager into thematic areas designated to Business, Climate, Culture, Democracy, Health, Technology and Foreign Policiy. Furthermore, there will be a press tent and an area for European and national parties from across Europe. 

The participating organisations will be located in the thematic areas according to their sector. Here is where they will have tents and space to host their own activities on European issues.

The programme is currently being developed and will be updated on the go.

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25 August 2022

First day

25 August is the kick-off date for the 2022 Festival. After opening speeches and a reception, there will be plenty of exciting debates and discussions to start the Festival.
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26 August 2022

Second day

The second day of the Festival will continue with exciting debates and discussions for everyone.
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27 August 2022

Third day

The third day of the Festival is the last full day of activities, discussion and debate before the closure on Sunday.
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28 August 2022

Last day

The last day is the closure day for the Festival. Oriented towards families and seniors, the programme will end mid-day and will be followed by some cultural activities.
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