Outreach to ministers and embassies

As we hope to see even more engaged diplomats come to the Political Festival of Europe (PFoE), PFoE is actively reaching out to and sending invitations to ministers across Europe and to Danish ambassadors. While we have two confirmed ministers from Denmark, we hope to see ministers from each and every European country join us.

In recent weeks, PFoE has also been holding meetings with the respective European embassies in Copenhagen inviting European ambassadors to Denmark to join the Festival as distinguished representatives of their respective countries. In further specification, we are glad to share that 13 embassies in Denmark will be joining the Festival: Albania, Croatia, Czech, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Rumania, Sweden and Switzerland.

In an aim to create a true European festival this summer, we hope to see even more ambassadors sign up – please contact us if you want to sign up.

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