New WHO guidelines on air quality

Article by Democracy Partner Nordfab Ducting / Nederman

Since the WHO’s most recent global update in 2005, there has been a notable increase in the evidence showing how air pollution impacts people’s health. Data shows that nearly all of the global population (99%) is breathing air that exceeds the WHO Air Quality Guidelines, with low-income countries being worst affected. For this reason, and after a systematic review of the collective evidence, the WHO halved its guideline limits on air pollution in its latest report on air quality, which was presented in the autumn of 2021. Today, the WHO regards air pollution as one of the largest environmental threats to people’s health, alongside climate change. At the same time, these two aspects are connected. The improvement of air quality mitigates climate change, and recued emissions of greenhouse gases lead to better air quality.

The clean air company

It is becoming increasingly apparent to people that clean air is not something that we can take for granted. Some of the most hazardous air pollution on people’s health are those that are not visible or noticeable, particles so small that they can easily enter the bloodstream and lungs, with the risk of serious consequences for the people affected.

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The fight for clean air

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