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The Musicians

Ole Frimer Band
Rasmus Lyberth & Jane Clark
Channe Nussbaum & Klezmofobia
Sultanen 2
Sultanen fra Ali Babas Karvane
Radiant Arcadia
Mizgin Band
George Mihalache
George Mihalache & Calibut Band
Bjonko & Balkanbeat Band
Liga Latina
Liga Latina
2015.07.31 - Finnegan's Hell
Finnegan´s Hell
Mirja Klippel2
Mirja Klippel
Arthur & Co-lav
Nilsen Banden
Cirkus Skunk - One man cirkus
Miss Taken
Miss Taken
Swinging Blues
Klaus Baba & Poul Ewald - Swinging Blues
Emmelie de Forest2
Emmelie de Forest
The Islanders2
The Islanders
TheCourettes_A3_PR_5_credits Morten Madsen
The Courettes
One Love Marley
One Love Marley Band
Juniorkor Mariagerfjord Korskole Sommerkoncert 130 renejeppesen
Morgensang - Mariagerfjord Juniorkor
Anders Mikkelsen
Organic3 live, 2
Miriam Mandipira & Organic3
Westus Verdensfjern
Westus Verdensfjern
LilleArthurs Gårdsanger
Nielsen Banden
Steve Hart
Steve Hart

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Lasse & Mathilde

(Europe Stage, Thursday at 18:00)

In an uneasy world it is important to unite around the messages that bring peace to the soul; a smile, laughter, or contemplation. Atmospheric melodies, meaningful lyrics, great stories and anecdotes are all characteristic of Lasse & Mathilde, who guarantee a concert with substance. 
Lasse & Mathilde have become icons and have performed for a variety of audiences since 1975. From large festivals to small clubs and organizations, they’ve opened for Bob Dylan / Santana in Parken, where they also performed at Gien hånd til Afrika, and have played at Midtfyns Festival, which they helped found.  
Inspiration from New Orleans, Daniel Lanois Kingsway Studio, and collaborations with top Danish musicians have shaped the unique style that characterizes the duo from Funen.  

Rasmus Lyberth & Jane Clark

(Europe Stage, Thursday at 20:00)

The great voice from Greenland. Rasmus Lyberth can fill venues to the point of bursting and excite both audiences and reviewers alike. It is always a captivating and entirely unique experience to hear Rasmus Lyberth sing his Greenlandic songs. Rasmus possesses a very special ability to convey those grand, dramatic tales, full of contrast, that encapsulate/exist in both Greenlandic nature and the fate of men. With his self-composed music and his enchanting voice, Rasmus sings about Greenland’s nature, the conditions of its people, and the development of his homeland in a way that transcends language barriers and moves audiences.  

The Greenlandic singer, songwriter, and actor has since the 1970’s been one of the country’s most popular profiles and through his music and art, Rasmus has brought the country’s beautiful nature, its people, and its culture, to an international stage, as one of the most popular representatives of Greenlandic artistry in history. With him at Political Festival of Europe will be the fantastic, English violinist Jane Clark, known from the duo Jane & Shane and for touring with Niels Hausgaard and Allan Olsen. 

Channe Nussbaum & Klezmofobia

(Europe Stage, Thursday at 22:00)

When Klezmofobia performs, a party is guaranteed to ensue, with singing, dancing, listening, and kissing, as the audience is made to feel at home and as though they have been specially invited. Klezmofobia is one of the few Danish orchestras that have played live on Mexican TV, danced around the little mermaid statue at EXPO in Beijing, performed on Svalbard after having driven a snowmobile in -20 degree Celsius, and a range of other quirky and enviable events.  

The band released their first album in 2006 and won a DMA for the best world album of the year. They have released a total of 3 albums. The band writes most of their music themselves, which is inspired by the Eastern European Jewish folk music KLEZMER. Songs are in Yiddish and the audience sings along as though the concert was one big family celebration.  
The Eastern European Jewish folk music genre klezmer sounds particularly refreshing in Klezmofobia’s interpretation, and the band always manages to renew itself. You are served a broad selection of atmospheres, and under the Eastern European melancholy streams happiness and sorrow in slow mournful ballads and upbeat instrumental klezmer party songs. 
The singer Channe Nussbaum is the face of the band, and continues to prove her significant singing talent, which has made her the unofficial Northern European queen of klezmer. Her grand vocals are indisputable, and she truly manages to break through to the audience.  

Sultanen fra Alibabas Karavane

(Performance Stage, Friday at 10.30)

“Sultanen Fra Ali Babas Karavane”, or “The Sultan from Ali Babas Caravan”, is one of Denmark’s most experienced and popular magicians and childrens’ entertainers. The Sultan manages to captivate his audience in a magical and fairytale-like universe where reactions shift between gaping wonder and spontaneous bouts of laughter. Both children and adults are incorporated in the show – participating loudly as they remain deeply involved throughout…  

The show: The Sultan’s daughter, Princess Emerald, is soon grown and the Sultan, the great Alkassani, wants her married to a rich prince, but the princess would rather marry someone who treats animals well. From here an exciting and whimsical story unfolds, where the princess’ rich and powerful father travels around the world on his flying carpet to find the right prince for his daughter. A fairytale-esque show that takes place within a comfortable oriental atmosphere, as if taken straight from One Thousand and One Nights – the scent of incense and myrrh activating all senses. The show is carried out using authentic scenography with genuine carpets, gold, and gems, and whatever else belongs in an oriental fairytale. 

Radiant Arcadia

(Performance Stage, Friday at 12:00)

At a concert with the all-female Radiant Arcadia, you will experience a broad variety of musical genres, ranging from opera to Bulgarian singing, qawwali to brisk waltz, and from klezmer to Sufi songs. Radiant Arcadia is an ambassador for cross-cultural music collaboration, and among the band’s members are both Muslim, Jewish and Christian cultural backgrounds. Radiant Arcadia, with their blinding musicality and their incredibly successful merging of folk music traditions from different parts of the world, gave me one of the best concert experiences of the year” said a music critic from Information.  
The music primarily consists of pieces written by the orchestra’s musicians and arranged by Radiant Arcadia, in addition to a few traditional songs. The band sings in Yiddish, Hebrew, Gaelic, Arabic, French, Bulgarian, Irish, English, Romanian, Turkish, Kurmanji, Urdu, Danish and more.  
A concert with Radiant Arcadia is an extraordinary experience which takes root in most people’s heart and memory.  

Mizgin Band

(Performance Stage, Friday at 14:00)

The Turkish singer Mizgin stands stronger than ever, and brings energy, power, charisma, and wonderful songs, all backed up by a great band. She is well known and loved by her Kurdish audience at home, but also by a growing Western audience, for her unique voice and charismatic stage performance. Her Danish audience will recognize her from performances at a variety of festivals and venues, including Aarhus Festuge, Kulturmøde Mors, Klaverfabrikken and more.  
Aside from singing, Mizgin also plays the Turkish string instrument saz / baglama. With her on stage is her husband Anders Honoré, who plays the saxophone, the Indian Nantha Kumar from Madrid playing tabla, and Bulgarian Enis Ahmed on Bulgarian violin.  
Although Mizgin and her band plays music rooted in Kurdish traditions, their performance does take a great deal of inspiration from rock and roll.    

George Mihalache & Calibut Band

(Performance Stage, Friday at 16:00)

The magnificent ensemble Calibut Band, with George Mihalache in front, unites Romanian folk and gypsy music with wondrous jazz in a lightning quick, but also deeply nuanced soundscape. George Mihalache was born in Romania and grew up in a family of Romanian minstrels, the so called »lautari«, whose musical heritage goes back hundreds of years. Following in the footsteps of his predecessors, Mihalache learned to play Romanian folk music by ear, taught to him by his grandfather. Today, George Mihalache is a virtuoso Cimbalom musician – the standing string instrument whose unique sound is conjured by beating two sticks against metal strings – what is also called a “hakkebræt” in Danish.  

The fact that George Mihalaches family was very open to Western music is clearly heard in his musical expression. George confronts the traditional notion of Romanian folk music, with its lightning quick melodies and unique scales, from new and creative angles. The jazz especially stands out with its deep and nuanced soundscape in what he himself calls »lautari jazz«. Calibut Band has perfected the mixing of gypsy music with jazz.  

With him on stage George has the Tyrkish-Swedish trumpeter Ruhi Denise Erdogan, the Dane Simon Don Eriksen on accordion, as well as the Danish female jazz double bass player Ida Hvid. In 2015, Calibut Band released their highly acclaimed debut »Travelers« of which the Danish music magazine Gaffa wrote “A fabulous orchestra has delivered their debut, and a magnificent one at that. It is a music that has its own cinematic character, as if we were at a cowboy meet-up somewhere in Transylvania, with everyone shooting into the air.” 

Bjonko & Balkanbeat Band

(Europe Stage, Friday at 18:00)

Bjonko Stosic is a Danish-Macedonian musician, producer, and composer, and one of Northern Europe’s absolute best Balkan beats artists.  

Bjonko represents a new style within the Balkan music tradition, a style which fuses current rhythmic music with Macedonian improvisation.   
Bjonko and his band tour festivals and venues all around the world, while still performing at traditional local weddings. A combination of wild and intense Balkan beats, traditional Balkan folk music and contemporary mainstream genres is a good description of Bjonko’s music. 
Bjonko Stosic was born and raised in Copenhagen but is descended from a family of musicians from the city of Bitola in Macedonia. Playing the clarinet and the saxophone, Bjonko has developed a unique style, which he has performed with at festivals such as SPOT, Northside, and Smukfest. His empathetic performances have also won him a Danish Music Award in 2015 for “Danish World Live Name of the Year”.  
Bjonko performs in a variety of band constellations and have collaborated with artists and bands across musical genres, such as Fallulah, Klamfyr, Jokeren, Jooks and Illusionisten. 

Line-up: Bjonko Stosic – sax and clarinet, Rasim Durakovic – accordion, Rasmus Volden – guitar, Rasmus Larle Pedersen – bass, Anders Justiniano – drums.  

Liga Latina

(Europe Stage, Friday at 20:00)

When Political Festival of Europe will be hosting Liga Latina, with Mike Hecchi leading, we are going to be experiencing Nordic, Latin and Cuban music at its best. Liga Latina have since the release of their album, by the same name, collected five-star reviews as well as airtime on radio channels across the world, and is considered a downright supergroup within the rhythmic Caribbean and Latin-American genres. Cuban and Latin jazz and folk music is one long love story between the Spanish guitar and the African drum. Liga Latina is a collective of driven musicians for whom it is a passion to convey this cultural heritage of music and art forms on a higher artistic level. A dedicated and respectful relationship with the Latin/Cuban songbook, highly praised self-composed works, and an unmatched live performance have all made them fan favorites. Liga Latina have in later years taken audiences by storm at both jazz and world festivals, as well as smaller venues across the country. 

Line up is Mike Hecchi – vocals, nylon guitars, percussion, Theo Hjorth – piano, percussion, Michell Boysen – double bass, Rune Krogshede – trumpet, flugelhorn, Bo ’BoJo’ Johansen – percussion. 

Finnegan's Hell

(Europe Stage Friday at 22:00)

When Swedish Finnegan’s Hell seizes the stage as the final act of Friday’s musical lineup, you will be in for a Celtic folk-rock concert of the heavy-metal kind. The Celtic punk band Finnegan’s Hell have prepared a mad mix of accordion, banjo, and scream choir, which is guaranteed to get a party started. Drunken ballads, country, and metal are mixed and matched in unholy combinations reminiscent of bands such as The Ramones or Flogging Molly and resulting in one of the most entertaining and intense live experiences of our times. 
Their latest album “Work Is the Curse of the Drinking Class” perfectly frames Finnegan’s Hell’s captivating universe. It will be impossible to stand still or avoid cracking a smile when the band enters the stage. You might be tempted to describe them as a potent heavy or hard rock band, but their roots in Scotch-Irish and Celtic folk traditions are clear. Ear plugs might come in handy!

Mirja Klippel

(Performance Stage, Saturday at 10:30)

Finnish Mirja Klippel creates melodious and poetic songs, which is brought forth with a strong sense of presence. Listening to her live is a unique and intimate experience, which elevates you and captivates you in atmospheric songs and soundscapes.  
With her grand voice, passionate timbre, and her knack for writing songs which connect deeply personal experiences with the Nordic nature, the Finnish singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Mirja Klippel has proven herself as a special talent in alternative folk music. Her very first EP “Lift Your Lion” from 2016 awarded her a Danish Music Award for “Best Songwriter of the Year”, and since then she’s been busy touring Europe, Russia, and the North Atlantic, while also releasing the much-praised full-length album “River of Silver” in 2018. Her latest album, “Slow Coming Alive” received three nominations at the Danish Music Awards in

2021. With this album, Klippel has continued to add fresh nuances to her alternative and poetic folk music, while continuing to expand the depths and heights of her songwriting. Along with her customary co-musician Alex Jønsson, she captivates her audience in an organic and atmospheric universe, where personal experience opens to psychological depth, and intimate spaces go hand in hand with raw and wild landscapes. Mirja Klippel and Alex Jønsson’s music and songs are unsurpassed and appeal to a listening audience.  

Nilsen Banden

(Performance Stage, Saturday at 12:00)

Nielsen Banden consists of accordion artist Arthur Nielsen and double bass player Kim Kvist Martinsen. The duo will perform in Mariager with their life-affirming instrumental music consisting of just about anything, from French müsette, to North Atlantic music, and to merry Scandinavian minstrel tones. 

Cirkus Skunk - One Man Cirkus

(Performance Stage, Saturday at 13:30)

The Mexican artist David Skunk is a professional clown, street performer, tightrope walker, one-man-big-band and juggler. David’s act is hilariously entertaining for young and old alike. He performs using surprising elements, clownery, thrills and twists Performance, fun, and artistry in a relaxed atmosphere.  

Miss Taken

(Performance Stage, Saturday at 15:00)

Miss Taken is a female vocal trio, who sings swinging jazz and 60’s pop music. Miss Taken both performs with their own humorous lyrics and well-known evergreens. The three women make charming tongue in cheek performances and, along with their pianist Thor Lange, always manage to delight their audience. They deliver first-class entertainment, and a lively show full of smiling faces.  

Klaus Baba & Poul Ewald – Swinging Blues

(Performance Stage, Saturday at 16:30)

Klaus Baba & Poul Ewald plays the blues as it sounds when you are from what some would call the fringes of Denmark. Klaus is from Svendborg and Poul from Skagen. Places where nothing is handed to you, and where there are no busses leaving every 5 minutes. On the other hand, these places offer a salty breeze in your hair and stories from real lives – with an edge to them.  The duo has played together for more than 10 years. Klaus masters a uniquely personal guitar sound and

vocals not to be found many other places in Denmark. When mixed with Poul’s virtuoso, expressive, and thoroughly musical harp play, a sound and a feeling arise which no other duo can conjure: it’s played in the moment, it’s raw and it’s over the edge! Their repertoire is based on Klaus’ self-composed work mixed with classic blues and Roost pieces. Klaus Baba Jensen has for the past 40 years travelled the roads as both a soloist and with his own band, in Denmark and in large parts of Europe. Poul Ewald has played the harp for the past 45 years and has since the 1980’s performed with names such as Lone Kellermann and Rockmaskinen as well as a plethora of national and international blues artists. 

Emmelie de Forest

(Europe Stage, Saturday at 14:00)

The highly talented winner of the Eurovision Song Contest Emmelie de Forest will on this Saturday in Mariager perform an intimate concert, where she presents the audience with songs from her two albums “Only Teardrops” and “History”, as well as new compositions and selected covers.  
Danish Emmelie de Forest received international recognition when she won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 with her famous song “Only Teardrops”. Following this victory, the world became her workplace, as she filmed a commercial in China, did TV-shows and concerts all over Europe, and travelled to the US to do songwriting. With her victory, Emmelie de Forest also received Europabevægelsen’s “European of the Year” title in 2013.  

Her soundscape is a surprising mix of both acoustic and electronic elements, as acoustic guitar meets piano, electric guitar meets ukulele, and viola meets omnichord. Any performance with Emmelie creates a heartfelt experience of presence while introducing you to a grand vocal talent. The audience will experience the uniquely life-affirming and happy atmosphere, which Emmelie shares with her listeners, as she truly manages to connect with her audience, pulling at their heart strings and leaving them enriched and recharged.  
Emmelie is a creative soul, who constantly seeks to discover new forms of expression. In 2015 she acted in the film “Solo Project”, where she played the role of singer Esther Hviid. She also cares deeply about animal welfare, which in the spring of 2016 led her to travel to Borneo with DK4 where she filmed a documentary about her first meeting with the orangutans at Lone Droscher Nielsen’s center for rehabilitation and was elected to be an ambassador for Save the Orangutan.  

The Islanders

(Europe Stage, Saturday at 18.00)

Terrific Scottish and Irish folk music with the Scotsman Chic McLean and the Irisman Paul Kelly in front. Experience an evocative concert with both known and lesser-known songs spanning from The Dubliners to Runrig – and anything in between. Alternating between quiet, heartfelt ballads that give you goosebumps to upbeat songs that no one can remain unaffected by, such as “Whiskey in the Jar”, “The Wild Rover”, “Loch Lomond” and many others, which urge you to sing along. The performance of the four musicians is spiced with a love of music, spontaneity, and great humor.  

On stage, the Islanders master a wide variety of instruments, such as the guitar, bodhran, mandolin, mandola, electric bass, harmonica, bagpipe, flute, bouzouki, tin whistles, bones et cetera. The band has with great success toured Denmark, Germany, Spain, Morocco, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland, The United States, Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia, and now, they have arrived at the Political Festival of Europe in Mariager. 

The Courettes

(Europe Stage, Saturday at 20:00)

The Courettes is an explosive rock duo from Denmark and Brazil, who has discovered the perfect mix of garage rock n’ roll, 60’s girl’s pop, wall of sound, surf music and doo-wop. Like a meeting between The Ronettes and The Ramones at a wild party in the echo chamber of the Gold Star studios. Already praised by the biggest music magazines in the world, the band signed with the legendary British record company Damaged Goods Records in 2020, next to top international rock icons such as Buzzcocks, Manic Street Preachers, Atari Teenage Riot, New Bomb Turks, Amyl and The Sniffers, Billy Childish, Captain Sensible and many more.  
Their third album “Back in Mono” was released in the fall of 2021 and is an incredible milestone in their career. The album presents a band at peak performance, shows incredible songwriting skills, and a broader nuance, influence, and sound quality to their garage rock recipe.  
The Courettes is one of the hardest working bands within European rock n’ roll, and their reputation is accurate. They deliver high-speed, energetic performances everywhere, and have played in 15 countries in Europe as well as in Brazil. The duo consists of Flavia Couri (Vocals/Guitar) and Martin Couri (Drums/Vocals). 

One Love Marley Band

(Europe Stage, Saturday at 22:00)

A tribute to Bob Marley, his music, lyrics, and the legendary Roots Rock Reggae. Atmosphere reminiscing a gentle salty breezy, rocking vibrations like waves breaking on a sandy beach, and the warmth of a pulsating insistence on dance and cohesion will be emanating from the loudspeakers along with songs of freedom, love, tolerance, and respect. Ditte Fredsgaard Strange will be at the front, with her strong vocals. She interprets the songs with love for the music and the messages found in Marley’s lyrics. Many experienced and practiced musicians – all with a great love for the original reggae – make up Denmark’s first dedicated Bob Marley tribute orchestra. 

One Love Marley Band aims for original expression, authentic riffs, and the songs’ original signatures. A fusion of pulsating cohesion and musical meditation in a meaningful lyrical universe. A collective presence in an at the same time static, vibrating, energetic, calm, floating and immersive universe. This is music with the ability to unify and spread important messages; the essence of reggae music.   
Bob Marley can be compared to great personalities of freedom and peace such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and John Lennon. He’s the symbol of strong political activism, spiritual wisdom, and great human experience. Bob Marley’s strong library of songs is alive and deserves recognition, which is the clear vision of One Love Marley Band, who brings his songs and music to the great stages.  

Morgensang - Mariagerfjord Juniorkor

(Europe Stage, Sunday at 9:30)

This beautiful Sunday morning starts off with both concert and community singing. Mariagerfjord Juniorkor, or “Youth Choir” is a rhythmic girls’ choir with 30-40 girls aged from 12 to 15. The choir sings songs most will be acquainted with. The choir emanates song, community and hard work. Their choir training is based on the motto: It should be awesome to be here! The junior choir also functions as a steppingstone for aspiring singers who wish to join Mariagerfjord Pigekor, or “Girls’ Choir”.  
The choir has about 6-10 concerts a year. Apart from concerts, a season for the Youth Choir can also contain recording, music video production or social events.  

During this concert, we must all join in on the singing – other than experiencing merry singers, with smiles on their faces and rhythm in their bodies, we, the audience, must also sing along on certain songs, to which print copies of the lyrics will be handed out. Duration about 40 min. 


Anders Mikkelsen

(Europe Stage Sunday 10:30)

Anders Mikkelsen is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Northern Jutland – with more than 35 years worth of experience in the Danish music industry. He has performed everywhere in Denmark, either alone with his guitar, in the company of Anders Roland and Hans Graasvold, or as part of the band FolkZone. He is also known for his TV-performances in “Sommersang i Mariehaven, and as a long-time host at Skagen Festival’s harbor stage.  
Anders has released a total of 5 albums in his own name, and is currently working on a handful of songs, which are later to become an album. 
He is a true troubadour, and a great story-telling singer. He is an expert at capturing his audience’s attention with his beautiful, relevant, entertaining, and powerful songs, which touch the heart and put the mind at work. As tradition among North Jutlandic folk singers now dictates, the stories and comments between songs make up an almost as important part of the show as the music itself. Throughout the years, he has developed a gift of sharing highly relatable and pertinent contemplations Always in a humorous tongue in cheek manner.  
Anders Mikkelsen not only surpasses the stage with this performance; through his music and his sense of humor he reaches deeply into the souls of his listeners. It will be the first time that Anders Mikkelsen visits Mariager 

Miriam Mandipira & Organic3

(Europe Stage, Sunday at 12:00)

Miriam Mandipira & Organic3 pack every concert stage with musical energy and wrap the audience in delightful sounds. You can look forward to gospel, blues, and spirituals, shaped by the quartet’s own jazzy and groovy arrangements. Miriam Mandipira is one of the most powerful female singers in the current Danish music industry.  
At this concert, you can experience her sing pieces that have great personal meaning to her. Miriam was born and raised listening to gospel and spirituals in Zimbabwe, which truly shows as she sings a repertoire full of soul and energy. This Sunday she will be in the company of the amazing North Jutlandic trio Organic3, who have travelled Denmark and performed at various jazz festivals, clubs, and in Danish churches. You can look forward to a musical experience that is out of the ordinary! 
On stage you will find: Miriam Mandipira – Vocals, Uffe Steen – Guitar, Niels Ole Sørensen – Hammond organ, and Esben Back – Drums.  

Westus Verdensfjern

Whether at Open by Nights, town fairs, Skanderborg Festival, carnivals or flea markets, “The Walking Foghorn” surprises and excites audiences with different and entirely unpredictable performances and happenings.  

This jack of all trades started his career as a musician and performer in the troup “De Gale Gøglere”, or “The Mad Jokers”, in 1979 before he later helped found “Cirkus Freja” – Denmark’s only horse-drawn cirkus – that travelled the country in horse carriages in the 80’s. In other words; entertainment with heart and soul!  

Nilsen Banden

Nielsen Banden consists of accordion artist Arthur Nielsen and double bass player Kim Kvist Martinsen. The duo will perform in Mariager with their life-affirming instrumental music consisting of just about anything, from French müsette to North Atlantic music, to merry Scandinavian minstrel tones. 

Steve Hart

Comedy Show, street performer, one-man-big-band – Steve is always a warm and entertaining experience. The audience will be of assistance in some of his performances, which always leads to funthe audience is guaranteed to get a good laugh. 
Steve was awarded the title “funniest person in Northern Jutland” a couple of years back, and it continues to be well deserved!


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