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21st August 2022

Mikael Ekman, Director for Policy and Strategy at Microsoft, is participating in Political Festival of Europe

Held for the first time from the 25th to 28th of August 2022 in Mariager, Northern Denmark, Political Festival of Europe is a platform and space where visitors from all over Europe will have the opportunity to help shape European democracy and its future.  Overarching themes that will shape the many activities of the Festival include business, climate, culture, democracy, foreign policy, health and technology. In addition to the many debates that will take place, the Festival is also a place for festivities and cultural celebrations.


Based in Copenhagen for Microsoft, Mikael Ekman is among the speakers who will be joining Political Festival of Europe. Ekman is set to participate in three critical debates during the Festival: EU’s role in the global digital competition, the new cyber threats in the digital era, and lastly how a changing demography impacts Europe’s labor markets and competitiveness. 

Europe has supercharged its digital agenda. Cyber security, data, Artificial Intelligence are all areas, where the EU is creating new rules as we speak. Technology is also part of the debate around democracy, geopolitics, and information warfare. The stakes are enormous, and everyone in society - politicians, companies, and citizens - have a role to play. I look forward to discussing these topics during the first ever Political Festival of Europe,

says Mikael Ekman, Director for Policy and Strategy at Microsoft Denmark & Iceland. Tweet

We are excited about the participation of Mikael Ekman. As digital technologies and innovations continue to play a bigger role in our everyday life, it is important to discuss these developments not only among experts and politicians but also with citizens. Mikael Ekman’s expertise from both technology and diplomacy will bring important knowledge to the debates and we look forward to hearing the interesting discussions that will take place,

says Jan Bertelsen, CEO for Political Festival of Europe. Tweet

Political Festival of Europe is an annual democracy festival that serves as a platform for democratic dialogue about the most pressing issues on the European agenda. In addition to political events, the Festival is also a place of festivities that celebrates the rich and diverse culture and heritage of Europe.

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