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Folkemødet 2022

On 16 and 17 June 2022, Political Festival of Europe participated at Folkemødet in Bornholm, where we organised two events:

  • a debate about “European Identity” with moderator Torben Nørgaard from Political Festival of Europe, and debators Susanna Dyre-Greensite from “Folkebevægelsen mod EU”, Kathrine Richter from Volt Danmark and ZoĂ© Elkær Nicot from European Debate Initiative
  • a quiz for participants to test their knowledge about Europe’s history, tourism, culture, languages, sports and politics

Volunteer Information Meeting

On 5 April 2022, Political Festival of Europe invited new and potential volunteers to an information meeting and open house in Mariager. Read more about the event here.

European Movement EU-Day

In August 2021, the Danish European Movement held an event in Mariager to celebrate The European Union. It was a canapé event ahead of the Political Festival of Europe in 2022.