Are you interested in being a key contributor to the Political Festival of Europe, its content, preparation and execution? Then joining one of our advisory boards or communities is the right opportunity for you!

Political Festival of Europe is in the middle of setting up seven different advisory boards and communities in line with our seven themesBusiness, Culture, Climate, Democracy, Foreign Policy, Health and Technology.

It is very important that the content of the Festival will be of relevance for as many as possible, and therefore all interested people are very welcome to contribute to and take part in the planning of the Festival.

By joining an advisory board, you:

  • Direct influence the content of the programme 

  • Inspire and get inspired by your peers and colleagues

  • Will be provided with a platform for high quality networking and a platform to test, showcase and inspire

  • Anchor your thoughts, ideas, views within the European sphere and the Festival itself

  • Share and develop thoughts with likeminded enthusiasts

For each of the seven Advisory Boards, we are aiming to recruit 12 members carefully chosen across Europe. The boards ought to be composed of a variety of people, such as politicians, business people, experts, representatives for NGO’s, representatives for educational and/or research institutions and  passionate people chosen outside the above-mentioned areas and who are chosen by their strong passion.

The Advisory Boards will be facilitated and structured by Political Festival of Europe in a combination with online meetings about the specific board theme. Activities and communication in between the meetings will be done through written communication and occasional telephone calls or conferences.

In order to be on the Advisory Boards, you need to be able to adhere to and respect Political Festival of Europe's Values Charter.

AB Tech, Climate, Business

AB Democracy, Culture, Foreign Affairs, Health

Lars Knudsen
SEW North Filtration A/S

Ezgi Çelik

Brian Vejrum Wæhrens
Aalborg University

Charlotte Fuglsang
Danmarks Bridgeforbund

Carsten Helmuth Pedersen
Business consultant
Lej en Produktchef

Alexandra Borgeaud Dit Avocat

Lucia Mortensen
Senior Sustainability Consultant
Port of Aalborg

Orla Pedersen
CEO and Founder of Inqlude IT ApS

Klaus Fremmelev
Senior Project Manager

Milan Filipovic
Center for Development Nis

Brian Bush
Business Growth Specialist

Torben Nørgaard
Journalist and Board Member

Chloé Mikolajczak
Climate & Social Justice Activist

Zoé Elkær Nicot
European Debate Initiative

Chresten Heide-Anderson
Project Manager
EPS Association

Vladan Sutanovac
Vienna CogSci Hub

Layla Jusko
Student and activist
Bosnia and Herzegovina Association

Merita Hasani
Project Coordinator
NGO You Can Do

Daniel Faraci
NGO Board president

Aleksandra Przulj
Civil Society

Srividya Kalyanaraman

By joining a community, you:

  • influence the content of the festival
  • stay up to date with the latest industry topic information
  • get inspired and inspire fellow community members
  • question peers and experts on issues within the given theme
  • share and develop thoughts with likeminded enthusiasts
  • anchor your thoughts, ideas, views within the European sphere

The communities function as back-up and supportive entities for the Advisory Boards. Memberships are open to everyone, right from the pupil to the retiree –fueled by passion and interest. 

In order to be in a Community, you need to be able to adhere to and respect Political Festival of Europe's Values Charter.