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Held from 25 to 28 August 2022 in Mariager, Denmark, the Political Festival of Europe is an annual festival for democratic dialogue between European nations, organisations and citizens.

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Political Festival of Europe 2022 is shaped by seven themes: business, climate, culture, democracy, foreign policy, health and technology.

The town of Mariager itself will accordingly be divided into seven zones, in which you will find specialized tents and events surrounding these themes. In addition to the seven zones, we will have three thematic stages which will host debates, talks and hearings with our manyfold speakers, within each and every one of our selected themes.

The themes have been carefully selected according to European political agendas and their global importance. 

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About the festival:

Political Festival of Europe – “Det Europæiske Folkemøde” – is a four-day democracy festival that serves as a platform for European political and societal debates and discussions along with an authentic experience of European culture and heritage.

Taking place in the historic town of Mariager in Northern Jutland, Denmark, Political Festival of Europe is a unique opportunity for you to make your voice heard and for partners to access a pan-European audience.

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